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Both Juraku and Noriyuki are the young Nihon buyo (Japanese classical dance) Hanayagi school master license holders who are currently the most prominent and promising artists in Japan. Their performance has always been very blessed by audience, because of the beauty, power and emotional depth of expression that is only enabled them by much work and discipline.

Nihon buyo is one of the traditional Japanese performing arts which was the compound mainly from Noh/Kyogen (wellspring of traditional performing arts, Muromachi period 700years ago) and Kabuki (traditional theater play, Edo period 400 years ago), moreover originated from ancient times at religious ceremonies as well.

Hanayagi is the largest and most famous schools among the big five schools (there are numerous numbers of other scools,too) which holds more than 20,000 master license members. Hanayagi is the given name to those trained Nion buyo many years and recognized as a fully qualified persons.


"Sky and Sea" Kinnosuke and Noriyuki most recent Nihon buyo stage received with praise, at National Teater, Apr. '04


Juraku 3rd (46) and Noriyuki (43) were born in Tokyo as grandsons of Hanayagi Juraku 2nd. Hanayagi Juraku 2nd is one of the two living national treasures in Nihon buyo. He developed his own distinctive style so that has been highly praised and represents not only in Nihon buyo, but also in all other Japanese performing arts. Juraku and Noriyuki have been very fortunate to be able to start their careers with the finest teacher, their grandfather Juraku, at an early age of 3, 4 .


Throughthe experiences to date, Juraku and Noriyuki would like to think about theirwork to do more than what is exclusively the Nihon buyo, however beyond thebarrier of traditional performing arts that are:

A drama "Medea" Greek tragedy pruduced and directed by Ninagawa Yukio at Athens, London, New York,etc. Kinnosuke joined as a member.

In London '83, Japanese Opera "Ada" (Vengeance - the story of on actor avenged a murder of his father by changing himself from man to woman occasionally), besed on the famous Japanese story. Kinnosuke advised, directed and supervised for movement, make-up and costumes for British players.

A drama "Tempest" in '90 at London Shakespearean Theater, produced and directed by Ninagawa Yukio, based on the play by Shakespeare. Kinnosuke and Noriyuki joined as members to produce and play.
On July 1 - 3, 2004 at Athens Olympic, Kinnosuke invited as a member for "Oedipus".

  to conduct/produce programs for overseas people living, staying and studying and are interested in Japanese perforoming arts/culture

  to hold workshops for those of the above

  collaboration with various fields, i. e. music, contemporary dance, drama, theater play, etc. in Japan and overseas

  to choreograph dance, drama, theater play, opera, etc.

Please contact us for any kind of inquiries, consultations, negotiations, questions or whatsever on the above. It would be more than grateful for us, if we could be of assistance, guidance or help to you.


AtAoyama, Tokyo, we have our own school to provide Nihon buyo lessons. You cansure learn Japanese culture (tea ceremony, Noh Play, Kabuki,etc.) at the sametime through our teachings.
Juraku and Noriyuki School lesson at Aoyamabeing done man-to-man precisely, not a group/mass lesson like ballet or others.

Lesson 6 times/monthly, on Tuesday and Suturday

You can reserve 4 times, day andtime, when you want, one lesson about 30 min.

Fee Yen 13,000/month

Need another Yen 25,000 orso to obtain lesson wear (yukata Japanese cotton kimono), obi (belt), footwear(tabi), sensu (fan)

Become a member, offer specialprice tickets for our performance.